Paid Media Management

Optimize your ad spend with a data-driven paid media strategy.
Throwing money at paid advertising is easy; maximizing your budget with the right ads in the right places takes skill. PRIME’s paid media agency hones in on your target audience and brings you qualified leads that are worth your money.

Our initial practice involves in-depth keyword research, audience discovery, and development of on-point copy and creative, giving you the best chance of immediate conversions.

Then, we optimize for conversions with A/B testing, retargeting, tracking engagement analytics, and other low-risk experimentation. 


Get a smarter paid media strategy for your business.

Our Paid Media Management Work

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Tools We Use

At PRIME, Google Ads is essential for targeted digital marketing. We use it to reach our audience, drive traffic, and generate leads efficiently. 


Google Ads

At PRIME, Meta Ads play a pivotal role in our digital marketing strategy. Leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we target specific audiences with tailored content, driving engagement and conversions. 


Meta Ads

At PRIME, LinkedIn Ads are integral to our B2B marketing efforts. We leverage LinkedIn's professional network to target decision-makers and industry professionals with relevant content and promotions.


LinkedIn Ads

At PRIME, X (Twitter) Ads are instrumental in our social media marketing strategy. Utilizing Twitter's dynamic platform, we reach our target audience with concise and impactful messaging, driving brand awareness and engagement. 


X (Twitter)

At PRIME, VIBE Ads are a cornerstone of our marketing strategy, allowing us to engage our audience with immersive and interactive content. 



At PRIME, Ground Truth is the foundation of our data-driven decision-making process. We prioritize accurate, reliable information to guide our strategies and actions effectively. 


Ground Truth